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Spot the Difference An exclusive World Book Day story from UK Queen of Teen Juno Dawson Avery has always suffered at the hands of the bullies so when she s given a seemingly miraculous opportunity to join the A list she

An exclusive World Book Day story from UK Queen of Teen Juno Dawson.Avery has always suffered at the hands of the bullies, so when she s given a seemingly miraculous opportunity to join the A list she grabs at it with both hands But appearances can be deceiving, and soon Avery s not so sure she likes this new version of herself And it s only by overcoming her fears thaAn exclusive World Book Day story from UK Queen of Teen Juno Dawson.Avery has always suffered at the hands of the bullies, so when she s given a seemingly miraculous opportunity to join the A list she grabs at it with both hands But appearances can be deceiving, and soon Avery s not so sure she likes this new version of herself And it s only by overcoming her fears that she can learn the true meaning of being comfortable in your own skin.

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Spot the Difference

  1. Previously wrote under the name James DawsonQueen of Teen 2014 Juno Dawson is the multi award winning author of six novels for young adults In 2016, she authored the best selling World Book Day title SPOT THE DIFFERENCE.Her next novel is the beautiful and emotive MARGOT ME Jan 2017 which will be followed by her adult debut, the memoir THE GENDER GAMES Jul 17.Juno also wrote the bestselling non fiction guide to life for young LGBT people, THIS BOOK IS GAY In 2016 a follow up, MIND YOUR HEAD, featured everything a young person needs to know about mental health.Juno is a regular contributor to Attitude Magazine, Glamour Magazine and The Guardian and has contributed to news items on BBC Women s Hour, Front Row, ITV News, Channel 5 News, This Morning and Newsnight concerning sexuality, identity, literature and education.Juno s titles have received rave reviews and have been translated into than ten languages around the world.Juno grew up in West Yorkshire, writing imaginary episodes of Doctor Who She later turned her talent to journalism, interviewing luminaries such as Steps and Atomic Kitten before writing a weekly serial in a Brighton newspaper In 2015, Juno announced her intention to undergo gender transition and live as a woman.Juno writes full time and lives in Brighton In her spare time, she STILL loves Doctor Who and is a keen follower of horror films and connoisseur of pop music In 2014 Juno became a School Role Model for the charity STONEWALL.

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  1. Avery has always suffered from severe acne and everyone seems to hate her for it, except her close family and best friend, who have always been supportive But when Avery manages to persuade her parents to let her try a miracle cure, it changes than her skin Suddenly part of the A List, the most popular teenagers in school, she s not sure whether is the best place for her Spot the Difference is another fun contemporary story from Juno Dawson, full of teenagers with attitude, amazing best friends [...]

  2. This was THE BEST Avery was such a brilliant character, and really inspirational I ve never read a book that talks about acne before, which is weird because so many people are affected by it I loved how the story progressed, and that Avery did everything I wanted her to She was grounded and really aware that popularity isn t all it s cracked up to be I couldn t recommend this one , it just made me want to go out and read Juno Dawson YA at its best

  3. O livro tem uma cl ssica hist ria adolescente da menina que olha torto pra galera da A list , mas sempre quis ser um deles Imaginem Meninas Malvadas sem o constante al vio c mico e timo elenco Apesar de n o passar nem perto de fugir do clich , conversa muito bem com o os jovens de hoje em dia e tem mensagens diretas e claras e boas uma hist ria adolescente realmente pra adolescentes

  4. Okay, so this book is book is a World Book Day Book, it cost me a grand total of 20p and is not even 90 pages long, so, on balance, I really don t feel like i can complain about it too much But I did feel it had some pretty huge flaws.I ll start with the good The subject of bullying is always going to be a tough and sensitive one to tackle and I am so glad that Juno took this opportunity to highlight it during World Book Day I hope this leads to the subject matter being discussed in schools and [...]

  5. As an acne sufferer in my teens and 20s.I was pleased to see a book tackling this dreadful, confidence draining problem Acne is always seen by the media as a funny thing a teen disease with a sufferer labelled as a spotty youth.No other skin condition would be so flippantly dealt with, such as psoriasis and eczema but the effects of severe acne are no less debilitating Getting up each day was a huge struggle, desperately trying to cover the spots effectively creating a mask was exhausting Avoidi [...]

  6. I don t even know how to properly review this novella It s not bad but it s not very good, really It s kinda like Mean Girls in UK.The characters are not developed enough for my liking And I have a very big problem that this book shows that you can be a total bitch to your friend if you learn a lesson out of in a page or two That s not cool.I liked the ending, view spoiler that we don t really know if Avery s face went back to how it looked in the beginning or not hide spoiler I don t usually li [...]

  7. Spot the Difference is about an important subject for teens that often gets overlooked in fiction acne It s something that so many of us go through yet characters in books have great skin, the most they get seems to be an odd spot Avery has severe acne, so much so that she s been seeing a specialist about it for years Her mum s been holding out putting her on medication due to side effects, but there s a new drug trial on the horizon What happens when Avery is freed from her skin It s not as sha [...]

  8. RATING 3.5 Avery suffers from severe acne and constant bullying because of it Now, as she undergoes a new treatment, she finds herself hanging out with the A listers A nice, fun, quick easy read about finding confidence in yourself.

  9. Reading this made me viscerally remember how it felt to be a teenager, how hard getting through the school days can be and the terrible cruelty of classmates Such a good short read to show young adults that they re not alone with these feelings.

  10. I love Juno Dawsons Work This is a story that promotes a good message about being confident in who you are and that popularity isn t everything Great Read.

  11. Anyone can be gorgeous It just takes hard work and self discipline Juno Dawson s short story for World Book Day tells the story of Avery, a year 10 girl who suffers horrendously with acne The A list in her school have cleverly branded her Pizzaface , making her life a misery and causing her inescapable dread every time she has to go to school in the morning So when she has the choice to take trial drug Sebavectum, she jumps at the chance.This is the first part of the short story that annoyed me [...]

  12. Originally published at solittletimeforbooks.It didn t take long for this to become one of my favourite things that I ve read from Juno Of the three World Book Day books I picked up, it was the one that I felt the most connected to and involved in Avery has severe acne it s painful, obvious and she s ridiculed at school for it It occurred to me that I couldn t recall ever reading about a protagonist in a YA novel with acne before and that s really ridiculous acne is one of the biggest worries fo [...]

  13. A really lovely story but towards the end it felt a bit rushed Other than that, it seemed to be like a British Mean Girls and was very inspiring

  14. I think this is a fun short read that can make you think differently, since it is all about a girl with acne and gets made fun of because of it It teaches you that you shouldn t treat people different because of how they look and that is exactly what happened when she tested the medicine the doctor gave her.It s a very quick story with a lot to learn from so even if you don t like it, you won t have to spend 2 months finishing it off and you will have learnt something from it.

  15. Read in one sitting Was a good book and covered a personal topic that many people have problems with but it wasn t too serious that it wasn t a light read.

  16. To be really specific, 3.5 stars.I really liked this book It painted a really clear picture of the A List at the start, which was handy because it meant I could look back on it and reflect.Avery is a girl in Year 10 who suffers from severe acne, and has everyone mocking her because of it sure, she s not e only one her best friend Lois how do you pronounce this Is it loo is Normal Louise Loiz Loose Something else has a disability with a tiny useless arm with with she can t do anything with, and t [...]

  17. I don t think this story works as novelle and I didn t care for the main character Her life lesson is dumb and dramatic sentences from.nts I wrote a properreview on my blog.

  18. The 4th of the 5 World Book Day books Now I just need to wait on the 5th book to come in.This was pretty awesome, it was short 80 pages but very effective Avery has acne, and has suffered because of that Not only because of the pain, or the way it looks, but also because she has been bullied and called names like Pizzaface I never had acne, but I had other things, and I just felt sad, and sorry for Avery But even though she was bullied, she did try to get through her daily life, and I was impres [...]

  19. It was fitting that the Queen of Teen would be penning one of the YA WBD offerings and I went into Spot the Difference with no idea about the issues it dealt with.Avery, and her best friend, Lois are distinctly Z list at Brecken Heath High where the social pyramid is pretty rigid and defined relegated by Avery s severe acne and Lois s funny little arm , Avery s life is pretty grim That is until a miracle cure comes along which seems to improve both her skin and her social status But Avery soon f [...]

  20. Spot the Difference, by Juno Dawson, is an exclusive World Book Day story aimed at key stage three The language used and topics addressed would also make it suitable for confident younger readers At less than one hundred pages long it is a quick read.The protagonist, Avery, is in Year 10 around fifteen years old and suffers from severe acne She has learned to keep her head down but this has not prevented the A listers in her year naming her Pizzaface She looks at their clear skin and shiny hair [...]

  21. MORE AT CHAPTERFIVE.WIX CHAPTER5My Review Spot the difference is a novella, is one of those books that popped up on my radar and I added it to my TBR without even really knowing what to expect from it and it was written especially for World Book Day I can t tell you how many times I related to our girl Avery with her severe acne problem, and who she deal with all the bullied around her I know what s to try everything to get that clean skin look but the finally there s an available drug and her s [...]

  22. Spot the Difference is a novella, written especially for World Book Day by Juno Dawson SPD focuses on Avery, a year 10 girl with severe acne, who is getting severely bullied for it When a new experimental drug becomes available, Avery s skin clears up and her social life blooms Suddenly, she s in the A List, with a hot boyfriend and everything s going well except she s neglecting her friends.Spot the Difference has to be the first book I ve read which tackles the very common affliction that is t [...]

  23. Very short and sweet, I d have liked it if it had been a few pages longer, perhaps given us a x weeks later page to wrap up Avery s story, as this was meant to be short for world book day This is why I gave it a 3 Spot the difference tells the story of Avery Morgan, who suffers from a very painful form of acne, which does not respond to conventional treatments She has a few friends who are on the fringes at school, as she and her friends are often made ridicule by the a list the popular, attract [...]

  24. I had a ridiculous number of WBD book tokens, so I thought a free book, why not It s basically about a girl with chronic acne who takes part in a clinical trial for a new skin treatment and when it works, she gets noticed by the gang of popular rich kids aka the A List and when she hangs out with them she changes and forgets her misfit friends yeah it s a story we ve seen done before and done better, but this book does it again fairly well.The book has a decent opening At one point near the begi [...]

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