Wolfe's Den

Wolfe s Den Wolfe Creek is a place with a zero percent divorce rate because wolves mate for life Most meet their mates by the time they are twenty five The Alpha is already thirty two and still unmated Unrest is

Wolfe Creek is a place with a zero percent divorce rate because wolves mate for life Most meet their mates by the time they are twenty five The Alpha is already thirty two and still unmated Unrest is starting to rise in both him and his pack Something s got to give Hunter is on the prowl, searching for his mysterious nightly lover She has to be his mate, but he can tWolfe Creek is a place with a zero percent divorce rate because wolves mate for life Most meet their mates by the time they are twenty five The Alpha is already thirty two and still unmated Unrest is starting to rise in both him and his pack Something s got to give Hunter is on the prowl, searching for his mysterious nightly lover She has to be his mate, but he can t find her anywhere He s well past his breaking point, and needs to find her before he loses his mind Catherine Kinney is struggling to get by from day to day with no job or money She was doing well in school and work until she started dreaming of him Damn him and his beautiful blue eyes, she thought Both of them thought they were going crazy They developed a love hate relationship for sleep Would they ever find peace Just when they feel like there s no hope, fate steps in and brings them together But what happens when you get what you ask for and then some Can they handle the passion that engulfs them both Especially when they can feel each other s emotions.

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Wolfe's Den

  1. C.M. Steele Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Wolfe's Den book, this is one of the most wanted C.M. Steele author readers around the world.

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  1. This is so good A great start to this series I loved both MCs and I m excited to read the rest of the series The story is about Hunter and Catherine.She s a college drop out in need of a job She lost her job a few months ago because of her ex boyfriend.While looking for a job in the internet, she saw a soon to open family resort, Wolfe s Den She left a voicemail begging to be hired.She s been dreaming of a man for six months and she was shocked when she heard the voice of the boss, Hunter.Hunter [...]

  2. Thanks Soonya for finding this one This author does not always work for me, but I loved this story It was a short, hot smutty read There was ZERO pushing away view spoiler with a virgin hero and heroine hide spoiler Which I loved and needed at this moment Sure, some of the dialogue was strange and the story moved along at mach three, but I did not care It was fast, fun and just the type of read that will help you recover from a less than stellar book.Safety Gang safe.

  3. 3.75 stars As others have mentioned, the telling of this story was a bit rushed, but I still enjoyed it It was really pretty much erotica, but it did have some world building and a cute romance storyline as well Anytime I can get a virgin hero, or a hero who is not going to be thinking back on how great of a sex god he is, or how often women check him out, well.you already get a minimum of 3 stars out of me lol I liked this hero, Hunter He was all about his heroine, Catherine Yeah, he though abo [...]

  4. I read two books by this author pretty much back to back I adored this one I love that they both were virgins I loved how protective and sweet the hero was Just a low stress instalove read Sometimes I just need that.

  5. This story was just what I needed A short, sweet shifter book with lots and I do mean lots of sexy times Not that I m complaining, God no I really liked the main characters, both were super crazy about each other and also very protective I did feel a bit sorry for them for having this sexy dreams for the past six months and not knowing who and how to find the person from their dreams In the end everything worked out as it was supposed to We even get a bit of action and of course a wonderful HEA [...]

  6. 2.25 StarsI really enjoyed the story line and the fact both the H and h were virgins and could only be with each other as mates In my opinion though, it was way too short There was so much crammed into a few pages and it felt very rushed, even the sex scenes It has great potential to be a longer book The writing was off a little to me as well At times, I felt it was too stiff, for lack of a better word I would still be interested in reading in the series.

  7. This was really a feel good kind of book Of course I wish it was longer and less rushed, so that there was character development, but in general it was a good book especially when you re looking for a book with no angst, drama, or pushing away I enjoyed the storyline and particularly liked that both were virgins, which didn t interfere with the level of heat, it was hot I will for sure read books by this author.

  8. Loved this short,but hot romantic book Hunter was perfect as alpha male, and I loved the fact that their kind can t be with anyone before meeting their mate They don t even touch one another or anything sexually that is Despite it being short, we got background on their history, other characters and cute epilogue with babies I want to read book about Chloe and Eric, the small part we got on them was hot And Kane too, I think it s funny that his dream mate doesn t seem to like him.

  9. 3 1 2 stars This was a nice fast read I wish we could have had time to delve into the couples relationship but I really liked this one regardless I am hoping with each new book of the history will be revealed since it seems very interesting All in all this was just what I needed and wanted, a great steamy shifter romance Would I have liked a longer book Yes, but only because I liked this so much I highly, highly recommend this to anyone who love PR.

  10. What s not to like Over the top alpha male H, and both H and h were virgins I was surprised that I enjoyed reading this series while I normally thought the author s books were just OK Guess I ll stick to her paranormal romance from now on.

  11. I really adored that the hero and heroine were both virgins in this read This book made for a sweet, although predictable shifter romance I never felt much depth with either the plot or characters However for a light and easy to read shifter romance without a lot of unnecessary angst this one will do the trick Plus its offered as a kindleunlimited.

  12. 2 1 2 stars The writing, narration and dialogues were a bit off But I enjoyed Hunter s desire to breed, his possessiveness obsession over Catherine And he s a virgin at 32 years old I almost couldn t stand the Mr Grey thing though rolls eyes And I find them communicating through their minds ridiculous.

  13. The writing and dialogue didn t really work for me but I enjoyed the story line I was hoping for a little intimacy and getting to know you parts between the couple but the sexy times were pretty hot And a virgin alpha hero How could I not read it

  14. 3.5 stars.Good hot read it was way too short though Loved Hunter and Cat writing wasn t perfect but i enjoyed it I want to read about Chloe and Eric and Kane safety gang safe.

  15. Hunter knows he is older for an alpha who has not found his mate, he has been dreaming of her though Catherine Kinney has been dreaming of Hunter, fantasizing so much it led to distraction while she failed college Seeing an opportunity for a job, she makes an impassioned plea for the job Hunter knows Catherine is his mate when he hears her voice, but she is human A human living in a shifters world is unheard of or is it Fun read, liked the dynamic of were human mates Had a few surprises along th [...]

  16. The farther I read into this story the less I liked it The world is against the heroine and the hero is a big child that can t control his actions Then the crass erotica started The plot seemed contrived so that we could read about the characters dirty sex lives as much as possible The heroine s parents are terrible, but she was just as unlikable Much of the dialogue is awkward The writing was off putting and stiff.Mature content

  17. This is the first book in the Wolfe Creek series by C.M Steele I don t know why it took me so long to read this one, I actually read the fourth one first I didn t think I liked shifter books so I avoided them until an author sent me one to try and now I love them Catherine is a 21 year old college dropout trying desperately to find a job because her bills are piling up Her rich parents are ashamed of her and have completely cut her off financially She wouldn t sleep with her ex boyfriend so he s [...]

  18. Hunter and Catherine The thing I liked the best about this story was where Hunter could feel Catherine s labour pains Too funny Catherine applies for a job she desperately needs at a resort She gets it, not because she s qualified but because the Alpha wolf who owns the place recognizes her as his mate It s fluff Insta this insta that Sexy well hung shifter who s a virgin so no evil OW scenario Poor put upon heroine also a virgin but is spunky when needed Nice supportive cast Evil over the top v [...]

  19. 1 star is all I can give this I liked the start up til the point when the main characters met The conversations between them all just came across as extremely immature to me and they all started to irritate me Even the sex couldn t save this it wasn t descriptive or sexy for that matter there was just lots of cum.Argh, it just didn t work for me, maybe I ll try this author again but I think the writing just isn t for me.

  20. Premise was good unfortunately the writing for me left a lot to be desired Silted and a bit juvenile.with some work could be a good book and a good series.

  21. Well, it is what it is Too short for any real character development or build up of sexual tension The dialogue was immature, but I do love a hero who growls.

  22. I did enjoy this story but I felt that it was too fast paced I didn t think the world building was enough The characters were great These were different kinds of shifters and I thought they were unique to the story but I needed world building to really love the story as a whole 3 stars 2OCCJD

  23. I really wasn t sure about hunter and catherine s stroy i love c.m steeles novel but really wasn t sure i would like this book but when I came around to read this book i was sure I going to die l love how the characters are portrayed it was drama free and a perfect smutty other than it was to fast i love the first book in wolfe creek cant wait for the next one.

  24. Very goodI liked this book I love alpha men who want what they want and will do everything they can to get it Great job on to the second, hopefully better than the first

  25. If you are looking for a quick, dirty read that has all the hallmarks of insta love that come with shifter books, then this book is for you Did I mention it was HOT off the charts steamy If not, yeah take heed because you will need to remember this when reading this book.I have only just discovered C.M Steele and now I am wondering why it took so long for me to come across her books Thanks Alexa Riley for posting the recommendation of this author Hunter is everything that you would expect from a [...]

  26. I received an ARC for a review For the last few months Cat and Hunter dream of each other They have never met in person, but in dreams the make love every night The thing is Hunter is not only a shifter but the alpha of his pack, so he knows cat is his mate He had his brothers search for her everywhere, but ignores the fact that she is human On the other hand, Cat is left without a job and applies for one at the Grey s family new resort When hunter hears her voice on the phone he immediately rea [...]

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