Say Uncle

Say Uncle What happens when your brother rashly goes to Vegas and is going to marry a stranger you meet a beautiful woman on your way to stop him and have thoughts of following in his footsteps she happens to b

What happens when your brother rashly goes to Vegas and is going to marry a stranger you meet a beautiful woman on your way to stop him and have thoughts of following in his footsteps she happens to be the daughter of your brother s bride What happens when you meet the hottest man around and he s your new uncle you can t resist him he dares you to Say UWhat happens when your brother rashly goes to Vegas and is going to marry a stranger you meet a beautiful woman on your way to stop him and have thoughts of following in his footsteps she happens to be the daughter of your brother s bride What happens when you meet the hottest man around and he s your new uncle you can t resist him he dares you to Say Uncle, again A taste Angel, you re so perfect, I breathed My eyes never left hers as she came up behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist and placed her cheek on my spine The feelings of completion engulfed me Thank you, Uncle Dean, she said sweetly Did you just say uncle I asked menacingly, and I felt her smile on my back This woman was too much.

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Say Uncle

  1. C.M. Steele Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Say Uncle book, this is one of the most wanted C.M. Steele author readers around the world.

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  1. 1 waste of freakin time STAR YOU RE p ssy belongs to me This person is supposed to be an author, and doesn t even know the difference between YOUR and YOU RENo way this book is getting anything than 1 star from me NOPE NO WAY But even if I ignored this huge disappointment, the plot, the characters, the conversations everything was, quite frankly, terrible too, so I certainly wouldn t recommend it.

  2. I love C.M Steele s books This one was another great read for me It s about Dean, 29 and Angel, 21.Dean s older brother, Ted was getting married and he wanted to stop him from doing that so he booked a flight to Vegas where his brother and the said woman were.He met Angel on his way there plane Once they re in Vegas, he found out his brother was already married and that Angel s mom was the woman Ted married Things happened When everything cleared up, they had their HEA with a very nice epilogue [...]

  3. 2.75 stars.Ok so this was just ok for me lol I normally don t mind insta love but shoot this was way too fast, no connection my opinion at Dean s Alpha craziness was hot but sometimes annoying at times Still was a sexy, hot read Curious about Ted safety gang safeh was a virgin,H didn t seem like a big manhoe ,past isn t mention much

  4. Short, hot and has possessive alpha I really want to read about Ted I think his story might be really good, despite the fact that he loved his late wife Safety gang view spoiler The book is safe No OW drama, no exes showing up, I think he always used condoms before during their first time he says fuck condom, she is a virgin So I assume he used them before and made an exception for h , no pushing away either.Also the age difference isn t big, she is 21 and he is 28 However, at some point hero th [...]

  5. Got to love a book that has a smart sassy girl who knows what she wants and goes for it It was an awesome story of two very intense characters.He falls for her instantly and if she had seen him first she would have done the same It was clear from the beginning that they had a lot of chemistry and boy did it run hot Wow This whole book was SMOKING HOT I could see them always being playful but that was not all that they were They complete each other and make each other better I loved this story an [...]

  6. This was super fast read, I literally knocked it out in 45 minutes, if that Uber alpha hero, non annoying heroine, great epilogue I enjoyed this one

  7. Another attempt for me to read this author I haven t had much luck but I actually liked this one I would love to read Ted s story.

  8. 63 % Didn t finish I wanted a light fun smut read, but it had a touch of too much angst for me.Read on Kindle Unlimited

  9. A short fun bit of smut A little story, a bit sex and even a cute epilogue This story is like a palette cleanser between books Safety gang safe

  10. Yes, I will be one of the few to give a well deserved one star for this taboo romance novelette that I thought was horribly written with terrible pacing, crass and unbelievable characters, and clumsy plot twists The caveman alpha dialogue was just a turn off The insta love theme didn t have a hint of charm and verged on creepy The heroine is a pushover And for a book where the H is so focused on breeding and nutting ugh , the sexy times writing was truly sub par Bad, just bad.

  11. Meh I was expecting an OTT possessive hero but honestly Dean came off as of a dick than anything, in my opinion It was smoking hot though

  12. Why I read it I bought this one on the recommendation of Melissa K It turns out our Venn diagram isn t in total agreement.According to my reader, the novelette is 49 pages I made it to page 29 It wasn t the uncle thing which bothered me if it had, I wouldn t have bought it After all, it s right there in the title The way the technical familial relationship was structured didn t bother me in the least In fact, I thought it was kinda funny and it was one of the factors that had me one clicking.But [...]

  13. 2.5 stars Dean, a 29 year old Boston detective heads to Vegas to stop his brother from marrying a stripper, and meets her 21 year old virginal daughter, Angel He s instantly obsessed and goes all caveman on her but she says she already has a boyfriend A super quick and steamy, mostly sex breeding story with an HEA and epilogue.

  14. DNF at 25%I just couldn t connect with the character The H seemed like such a sleezebag while hitting on her on the plane Nothing witty about his approach just OTT sleeze Made my skin crawl This is why I used to where my great aunt s engagement ring when flying by myself in my 20 s

  15. 1 sorta taboo star This book only had one good sex scene and even then it was weird because Dean kept saying how he wants to breed her WTF And the whole plot was just stupid in my opinion thank god this was a short read

  16. Pure smut, just what I neededI wanted her without a doubt Once we were off the plane, I was checking into my hotel, and then I was getting in her pussy.I needed her to come because I knew that once my dick was deep in her, I was done for I slipped a finger into her hot, sweet, wet pussy She was tight, so I pushed deeper, and instantly my finger touched something I wasn t expecting to touch Before I could react to the discovery, she started shaking, coming hard on my tongue I started to lick her [...]

  17. OMG, I had such naughty fun with this story I was blushing and smiling all through it as it bloomed into a love fest between a cop and a stripper s daughter.Let me tell you how I found it I m a facebook fan, so there I discover lots of new authors I happened to come across a post by one of my favourite authors of too hot to handle smutty romances, Alexa Riley And she was sharing how much she d liked this novella before going to bed One thing led to another and I found myself reading it at one o [...]

  18. Whenever I see that CM Steele has a new book I automatically get it cause I know her books are all steamy with a possessive alpha male that takes what he wants Dean is a detective for the Boston Police Department, he gets a call from his older brother, Ted that he s in Vegas he s getting married Dean gets on a plane the next day determined to stop his brother from marrying a stripper named Candy His flight has a layover in Chicago while there a beautiful woman boards the plane wearing a Bulls ja [...]

  19. CM Steele went all out with this book The plot was pumping, the characters were intriguing, and the chemistry was HAWT I loved this book, I can t make it any simple then that It was short and dirty with a twist I never saw coming Dean was the most over the top Alpha she has ever written Angel was the sweetest and sassiest of her heroines and I instantly loved her Go on give this one a go and Say Uncle 5 sexy stars from NADBB Reviewed by Krystal.

  20. Really short and hot and I sure enjoyed this one Ms Steele really has improved her smut writing and now it just flows perfectly, without the awkwardness that sometimes plague her stories and I think I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to read a book just for the heck of the smut Definitely a guilty pleasure.

  21. Naughty uncle Well technically his not her uncle not even by a long shot The story is quick develops pretty fast but it didn t feel like it was too hurried The sex scenes were steamy as always with just enough action to add Overall a quick, funny, sexy read.

  22. Ok, this is a sexy as hell book but the whole alpha male thing Dean had going on became extremely annoying I am so glad this was a super quick book.

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