The Pleasure Merchant

The Pleasure Merchant Forgive me but I m having some difficulty ascertaining exactly where magnetic north lies on your moral compass London Apprentice wig maker Tom Dawne s dream is to complete his training marry hi

Forgive me, but I m having some difficulty ascertaining exactly where magnetic north lies on your moral compass London, 177 Apprentice wig maker Tom Dawne s dream is to complete his training, marry his master s daughter, and set up a shop of his own Unfortunately for him, when one of his greatest creations is used to play a cruel prank on a powerful gentleman, Tom is Forgive me, but I m having some difficulty ascertaining exactly where magnetic north lies on your moral compass London, 177 Apprentice wig maker Tom Dawne s dream is to complete his training, marry his master s daughter, and set up a shop of his own Unfortunately for him, when one of his greatest creations is used to play a cruel prank on a powerful gentleman, Tom is dismissed and forced by fear of poverty and the need to clear his name to serve the very man whom he suspects set him up Tom quickly realizes he has bitten off than he can chew though as it turns out, it s not actually than he desires As Tom becomes less of a servant and of a surrogate son, his ambitions change, and so do his pleasures, until it s no longer easy for Tom to tell if he s pulling the strings or trapped in a bizarre web of someone else s making Matters become no clearer when Tom meets the mysterious professional libertines who seem to lurk at the center of all his troubles a man willing to procure anything for anyone, so long as it gives them pleasure, and his obscure assistant, whose past has been irretrievably lost Some might even say it was stolen From British Fantasy and Wonderland Book Award nominee Molly Tanzer Vermilion A Pretty Mouth comes a novel of despair and desire The Pleasure Merchant or, The Modern Pygmalion, equal parts psychological thriller and sensual parlor drama.

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The Pleasure Merchant

  1. Molly Tanzer is the British Fantasy and Wonderland Book Award nominated author of two collections A Pretty Mouth Lazy Fascist, 2012 and Rumbullion and Other Liminal Libations Egaeus, 2013 Her debut novel, Vermilion Word Horde was an NPR Best Book of 2015 Her second novel, The Pleasure Merchant, is now available, and her next, Creatures of Will and Temper, will be available in late 2017 She is also the editrix of Congress Magazine, Swords v Cthulhu with Jesse Bullington , and the forthcoming Mixed Up with Nick Mamatas She blogs infrequently at mollytanzer, and tweets as molly_the_tanz.

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  1. I don t know exactly how to assess a numerical value to my enjoyment of this book because it was both witty and fast flowing and quite a headache THE PLEASURE MERCHANT is definitely clever, but its amorphous point of view and its insanely accurate yet probably satirized knowledge of era etiquette exhausted the crap out of me to the point I lost the plot a couple times and had to work my way back into it.Don t get me wrong, THE PLEASURE MERCHANT was fun and challenging and you might very well enj [...]

  2. I ve been waiting for a while to get my hands on this to read and dug it even than I thought I was going to I m imagining an astral explanation for how the book came to be consisting of John Waters falling asleep with his head on a copy of David Copperfield so that the oil from his hair soaks into the pages and warps the text in new and interesting ways The characters are bold and compelling, the story is mystery and suspense and salaciousness, and the whole thing is fresh and rewarding I found [...]

  3. Between this book and Vermilion, Molly Tanzer has leapt to the top of my insta buy list.This story takes some time to get going If you ve read and loved Jane Eyre or A Tale of Two Cities, I think you will absolutely adore Tanzer s voice in this book She s the modern Bront sister here Completely different from her previous novel, Vermilion, which surprised and impressed me This lady has some serious skill.Tom wasn t a particularly likeable hero He was foolish, vain, lustful, and sometimes downrig [...]

  4. I came into this book with high expectations, and I m glad to say that it met them It s a very tricky story that changes a few times as you work through, and that s what made things interesting to me The first half almost reminded me of Dickens with its historical setting and focus on an orphan coming into wealth but then halfway through everything shifts in the most interesting way, and the process of watching that happen is really great Tanzer does an especially complex job of blurring the lin [...]

  5. Charming but not shallow, earnest but not cloying, clever but not sneering The Pleasure Merchant hits the sweet spot oh my with almost every page We start with the classic scenario a poor but honest boy brushes shoulders with the upper class and finds both opportunity and peril dropping into his lap There s of Defoe than Alger in this tale, though Young Tom s virtues are tested in ways he never anticipated and we readers get a pointed look at age old assumptions about gender, class, sexuality, [...]

  6. So much goodness in this book I highly recommend this one to everyone It s perfect, in terms of time period, happenings, and everything Don t let the length deter you s worth the time, I swear it I went in expecting something completely different than what I got, but in a very, very, well, pleasurable way Once you ve set enough time aside to really dive in, do yourself a favor and do just that You won t be sorry I m already planning on picking up a copy for my 18th century Brit Lit professor up [...]

  7. Clever, naughty and fun At the beginning of the book, I guessed wigmaker s apprentice Tom was an innocent done wrong, and that he would through resourcefulness and pluck climb his way back to the station he deserved and that s not what happens Molly Tanzer is creating her own territory, bringing a forward mindset particularly about matters of sex and gender to settings and characters that feel authentically old fashioned I might have wished the book spent time with the fun people than the uptig [...]

  8. Clever inverse of a moral tale, filled with good characters and ridiculous sex EDIT I actually came back and changed this to 5 stars later I think my initial reluctance to do so was, actually, how i felt to book was going to come to an end too soon I do wish it had been longer, but the ending was a good resolution EDIT AGAIN I have figured out why I liked this so much A huge recurring theme throughout the book is the powerful importance of consent Really good.

  9. A raunchy, irreverent historical novel set in 18th century London about a shop boy turned social climber who ends up in over his head as heroics transform into villainy and the villains behave most heroically.

  10. A bawdy bit of historical fiction that is as charming as it is unique I found myself completely captivated as the intrigue of Tom, the not entirely sympathetic wig maker s apprentice, was gradually divulged and with it, a wonderful exploration of some very important issues A clever, humorous, titillating, and oh so relevant fable, I cannot recommend this book enough

  11. Ultimately a pleasant diversion but man, the lead up is fascinating, gripping, and seductive I can t wait to read of Tanzer s work.

  12. A genre bending novel with Dickensian twists of fate, ye olde porn and a feminist heart beating at its centre, whatever centre there is here, and that s a good thing Revel in the anachronistic joy ride.

  13. An absolute triumph, this book is dark, decadent and an absolute pleasure to read Imagine A Tale Of Two Cities and A bawdy Charles Dickens I know its weird and your half way there to understanding this novel.Set in the London of the 18th century the novel focuses on an apprentice wig maker falsely accused of sabotaging a wealthy clients wig and is sacked We then travel with him meeting so many characters who are beautifully drawn for us by Ms Tanzerand follow his unusual adventures This book is [...]

  14. A skilled and discerning story of secrets and desires that lurk behind the walls of societal classes This near historical exposition follows the fetishes and foibles of those who yearn and maneuver for delight and satisfaction, be they students or masters With dialogue both keen and delightful, the characters enchant and entice, while the whole experience is one of literary opulence and mirthful ribaldry.

  15. I was bored The characters are all unsympathetic The hypnosis plot driver is unbelievable I was sort of hoping the main character would be killed so the story could end.

  16. Readers of Molly Tanzer s previous novel, Vermilion, will be in for quite the change of pace in The Pleasure Merchant, although if we know anything of Tanzer, it s that she is sure to continue churning out the unexpected in her fiction and that s a good thing.This is, at its heart, a melodrama, but with the sexual content cranked up which, often than not, adds greatly to the book s humor and mixed with some very curious elements peeking out from around dark corners Hypnosis Possible secret soci [...]

  17. I purchased this as part of a weird horror ebook bundle, so I was expecting something quite different this novel is not particularly weird, nor is it horror in any way It is quite good though, and probably something I normally wouldn t have been interested in enough to pick up, so I m glad I was tricked into reading it.The novel takes place in 18th century England, and focuses mostly on Tom Dawne, an orphan and wig maker s apprentice, whose life changes forever when he becomes entangled in a feu [...]

  18. I really enjoyed Vermillion, but sadly, TPM is most definitely not Vermillion Absent is the weird, magic realism historical urban fantasy feel of the other novel Imposed is a rather annoying dupe protagonist, whose true thoughts we don t even get due to being written by someone whose obvious distaste for him seeps through the pages and drips out in thick, viscous purple prose I mean that literally, as the true protagonist shows up halfway through the book, and we find out that Tom s inner though [...]

  19. How lovely to find a book which is so spell binding and enthralling, so charming and so decadent, so refreshingly difficult to pin a genre label on.In some ways it s a comedy of manners, as we observe apprentice wig maker Tom climb the social ladder He s mostly a likeable fellow, his failings are ones we d doubtless all be prone to, but it s difficult to miss the fact that his strokes of good fortune are all accidents of chance, not accomplished by deeds of his own doing This realisation is quit [...]

  20. The Pleasure Merchant is a let s call it a historical novel that initially seems to be about a wigmaker s apprentice who rises in society It takes much of its form from late 18th century melodrama, but subverts it to its own ends the hero is not the hero, the damsel is not the prize Ultimately it becomes a takedown of the literary and real life convention of men who think they deserve a woman who worships them as a reward, and an examination of women s agency and how the conventional narrative t [...]

  21. The Pleasure Merchant is difficult for me to categorize so simply It is a complex blend of light hearted, dark, serious, erotic, and mysterious Though beautifully set in 177 London, I was delighted to find certain contemporary issues at the heart of the tale and suspect that where you stand on those issues will determine whether you consider the ending happy or sad.If you re a fan of Tanzer s prior work, you should enjoy this novel.

  22. Hac a tiempo que no sub a un libro aqu , claro que tambi n hac a tiempo que no disfrutaba tanto con una novela Pero aviso aqu no van a encontrar horror, al menos sobrenatural, ni weird ni steampunk ni cosas de esas, tan s lo una intriga dieciochesca escrita con sensibilidad moral contempor nea Ni m s ni menos.

  23. Tanzer continually impresses me with her work, because it doesn t seem to matter WHAT genre the girl is writing in, she gets it done She has this way of a pulling a reader in and not letting them go Everything, no matter how fantastic, is believable, because she crafts her worlds so perfectly Wild West No problem 18th century London ON IT.

  24. I have no idea why this gets listed as horror I even got it as part of a horror book bundle , so there was a little disappointment from it not being scary or creepy at all, which I think hurt my enjoyment However, the writing is quite good and the story is interesting, if not a little too neatly wrapped up in the end I will definitely be checking out of her work.

  25. Addictive Social climbing comedy of manners with a breezy approach to its 18th century milieu that never grates, and owes to Fanny Hill than Henry Fielding.

  26. A delightful historical romp, exploring the conflicts of love, ambition, lust, and class, and how they mold the human heart.

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