Dark Matters

Dark Matters When an unlikely duo finally unravels the mystery of dark matter will it save our world Or destroy it In a not so distant future of extreme income inequality controlled by a handful of the ber elite

When an unlikely duo finally unravels the mystery of dark matter will it save our world Or destroy it In a not so distant future of extreme income inequality, controlled by a handful of the ber elite, wealth, science, and the power of the human spirit get one last chance to determine humanity s ultimate fate.Rudolph Rudy Dersch is the newly minted CEO of the world sWhen an unlikely duo finally unravels the mystery of dark matter will it save our world Or destroy it In a not so distant future of extreme income inequality, controlled by a handful of the ber elite, wealth, science, and the power of the human spirit get one last chance to determine humanity s ultimate fate.Rudolph Rudy Dersch is the newly minted CEO of the world s largest, multi trillion dollar corporate conglomerate But the job comes with an unexpected twist an invitation to join the Consortium, a small, secretive group of global elites who effectively decide what s best for the rest of humanity How does Rudy s struggle to reconcile business and family impact the world s future And who, if anyone, can break the Consortium s iron grip on the status quo The answer may lie with a renegade physicist, close to unravelling one of the universe s greatest mysteries And a headstrong art curator, driven to find the meaning behind her increasingly compelling visions From a life changing moment in a crowded Singapore marketplace, to the business end of an assassin s gun, they face a power beyond any the world has ever seen To survive, they ll have to decipher the truth about dark matter before the Consortium can achieve its ruinous end game.

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Dark Matters

  1. Michael Dow spent 25 years in corporate America, in roles running the gamut from consultant to CEO He has worked at companies ranging in size from start up to over one billion dollars in revenue, and in locations across the globe, from Washington DC to Saudi Arabia DARK MATTERS is his first work of fiction though his competitors have accused him of writing fiction for decades Mike grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia Engineering School He has also completed the Harvard Business School General Manager Program He currently lives in Traverse City, Michigan, with his wife and two teenage daughters.

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  1. DNF, abandoned early on Whoever did the editing for this book should be ashamed, the author loves random hyphens, but uses them incorrectly, so I kept looking for the rest of a hyphenated word He also needs lessons show don t tell, but that could have been forgiven if his drivel was even mildly read able Apparently, this is supposed to be part of a trilogy, but rather than standing on its own as a novel, just ends as a cliffhanger in some sort of attempted enticement to get sales for books 2 and [...]

  2. DNF 38% It s not that there was really anything wrong with this read, the writing was well done and no spelling errors, but I just could not get interested There are a few different stories going on but nothing to show how they all link together, and I honestly couldn t get into enough to care to see how it all turned out.I wouldn t say I wouldn t recommend this but I can say it just wasn t my thing I needed there to be congruity.Thank you Netgalley for the free copy of Dark Matters, it s unfor [...]

  3. Check out my blog to see Reviews of Book and Movies, and check out some Recipes Dark Matters is a brilliant start to a new trilogy In a book that began as a kickstarter project I had a keen interest in it and had heard good things from others, leaving me with high expectations.I am happy to say that my expectations were certainly met Dark matters is a spectacular new science fiction thriller that captures the future of our world from three distinct and vastly different view points This book hits [...]

  4. Dark matters by michael dow.Rudolph Rudy Dersch is the newly minted CEO of the world s largest corporate conglomerate But the job comes with an unexpected twist an invitation to join the Consortium, a small, secretive group of global elites who effectively decide what s best for the rest of humanity In a not so distant future of extreme income inequality, can anyone break their iron grip on the status quo The answer may rest on a renegade physicist, close to unraveling one of the universe s grea [...]

  5. Rudy becomes head of GRI, the first multi trillion dollar conglomerate, after an unfortunate accident takes the life of his mentor and friend Life is good, right Oh, but there s one little thing they didn t mention when he accepted the position the secret command center buried under the company headquarters The top secret Consortium is composed of fewer than a hundred individuals who hold most of the world s wealth, and together they control, well, everything Rudy has been invited to join the cl [...]

  6. Dark Matters is a delicate sci fi dance in a universe that could even be our own universe Intrigue, danger, greed, control of nations and lives and death if the main characters can t get through this maze leaves the reader wanting .The three separate story lines set well with me as I was constantly trying to imagine how all these disparate characters and plots would meet.Something is going on that the public is unaware Rudy Dersch had no idea that becoming CEO of GRI would lead him through a doo [...]

  7. Dark Matters tells three different stories but then blends them together near the end I found the story interesting with the characters having visions and powers of levitation The plot was good and the characters were well developed What I did not enjoy is an inconclusive ending I don t mind if a book wraps up and then teases you with a bit to get you to buy the next book but this one did not wrap up at all I would have given it stars for a completed book I received this book for an honest re [...]

  8. It s very clear that this book is part of a bigger picture as it includes a lot of introduction and getting to know the characters, which isn t bad perse But with 3 main characters that for 2 3 of the book don t seem to have a clear connection, it leaves a lot of frustration and questions FULL REVIEW goo He2Agm I received this book for free via NetGallery in exchange for an honest review.

  9. This clever sci fi novel is the first in a new trilogy of books and I have to admit that I am excited about it Although it wasn t perfect, it definitely has a lot of potential I can even see it as a very good movie, if the right people come alongFor , see my blog booksmjb 2015 12 dark ma

  10. Dark Matters Dark Matters 1 is the debut novel by Michael Dow Funded through Kick Starter and subsequently self published, this is a novel that has an interesting premise and is not your typical action orientated sci fi adventure, instead looking at events from a corporate and scientific point of view.Set in the not too distant future, Dark Matters is a novel about corporate power and how, behind the scenes, the wealthy guide the world in the direction of their choosing Why Quite simply to main [...]

  11. This book, set as the first of the Dark Matters trilogy, introduces us to a discovery that could change the universe The struggle is between a large corporate enterprise immersed into all important aspects of the free world and a few unique individuals discovering new abilities within themselves They are also finding material beyond what we already know and important than can be conceived Something big is about to change what we believe about the universe, yet who will eventually be in charge w [...]

  12. This is a review for an advance copy via Net Galley Dark Matters is a great ride as an adventure novel, set a few decades in the future Carl Wilson, CEO of GCI General Resources Inc the largest single corporation in the world, dies along with his family in a fiery car crash His protege, an up and coming family man named Rudy, is offered Carl s position by a man named Arthur Rudy soon finds out that bundled with this position is a membership in a group called The Consortium, an almost omnipotent [...]

  13. Note This review is based on an unfinished copy of the text from Netgalley What attracted me I loved the title, it just shouted science fiction with supernatural elements.What s it about In a technology filled future, Rudy gets appointed as the new CEO of GRI company and gets introduced to a whole new world he didn t even knew existed.Working under Rudy, a scientist Jonas, works to find a asteroid that would profit GRI in quadrillions, with a side project of finding information on Dark Matters. [...]

  14. Dark Matters outlines a thrilling science fiction story that definitely left me anticipating the second book It s full of deceit, control, and an underlying reality of what our world could potentially be in the future I enjoyed the overlapping story lines of the characters.a breakout novel for sure If you love thriller or science fiction.or just want to read something new, this is it

  15. I got an advance copy of the book It is an interesting mix of science fiction and social commentary We have projections of what could happen when the wealthy few take over, and how the human spirit mind bends to break the control of the barriers put up around it Looking forward to reading the whole trilogy

  16. Michael Dow s Dark Matters weaves a tale of speculative fiction in the near future as a mysterious group of trillionaires aim for control of the earth, the solar system and beyond Its a futuristic take on the so called one percent of the super rich who currently control much of the wealth on earth As such, it blends fiction with some thoughtful commentary on the divide between the rich and the poor The story has a propulsive power that pulls you in with its rapid trajectory as a shifting cast of [...]

  17. I received this book from Netgalley in exhange for an honest review2.5I wanted to like this but It was just not a book for me at all, I just found it ok.Full review originally published here thecurioussffreader.wordpress Forget the one percent It just takes one.Dark Matters is set in a not too distant future of extreme income inequality, where a select few of the ber elite have the resources and cutting edge technologies to choose what s best for the rest of humanity Are they committed to saving [...]

  18. More than an great sci fi bookI love the science part of this and the dark matter theory, but than that is the story of good and evil at the margin The one life for a thousand decision and how that can go bad This is a good book and I can t wait to read the second one.

  19. Future setting Nice emphasis on real science and possible human potential and true friends Enjoyed the scientific explanations and discussions Lots of detailed info.

  20. note this review was based on an uncorrected advance proof from netgalleyWhen Rudy s boss dies in a car accident, he finds himself being voted in as the new CEO of General Resources, Inc GRI , a multi trillion dollar conglomerate with its fingers and toes in industries and sectors all over the world emerging technologies, media, manufacturing, space based operations, consumer products, finance, security solutions the whole kit and caboodle Being a C level executive comes with it s perks new home [...]

  21. Dark Matters by Michael DowThe haves and the have nots, perhaps clearly demonstrated by the current political climate Billionaires running for public office with open distain for the less fortunate The 1% garnering and of the world s wealth is not just science fiction Michael Dow takes current events and extrapolates them to the near future The idea of an elite group of wealthy dictating the course of the world is not new The Illuminati, the Cabal, Free Masons or the Knight Templars have all b [...]

  22. I m fascinated by the backstory of how this book came to be in relation to what it s about A sci fi, fast paced novel with several stories intertwined, it is the stark contrast of the 1%ers vs the working people The characters grabbed me from the beginning and I was off and running with them.That the book had a huge kickstarter campaign behind it and a big social media push, is interesting The author used democratic means to get the novel published The themes of the novel focused on some of the [...]

  23. The ideas In this story are compelling Compelling enough to keep me reading even though the characters weren t that developed, the dialogue was mostly exposition and plot points moved forward way too conveniently But I was intrigued, and wanted to know what happened next I was going to give it three stars, but then the book just ended Absolutely nothing was resolved There was no return on my investment of reading I get that this is a series, and I understand cliff hangers, but I m not sure it wa [...]

  24. Incredible and timelyFast paced yet insightful Crazy combination of the rich running things, big brother overtones, and metaphysical, futuristic treats interspersed throughout The characters are well developed with believable, engaging characteristics that draw you in Timely because of the current political environment in the U.S with class warfare taking center stage Five stars without a doubt Looking very much forward to of the same from this author.

  25. Keep Your Day Job As Book Unreadable Gave up on this monstrosity 4% no page number in, as it was so obnoxiously written The eBook author is apparently a wannabe one percenter who has no writing talent or skill, no discernible plot at least not by beginning of chapter three , likes dramatic illustrations to announce new chapters and is in love with hyphens DNF as eBook was unreadable drivel.

  26. I couldn t finish this book I like some of the ideas in this books and found the first few chapters interesting, but it seemed to struggle and then lose its momentum This book has a pacing issue in my opinion Lots of words and description in places where nothing much happens and not much is added to the story But, like I said, I liked the ideas and concepts and so have given this a two star I made it as far as 25%.

  27. ANOTHER science fiction book with no ending Listen, I understand the desire to write a series, or to break an overly complex story into discrete parts But there needs to be some sort of feeling of accomplishment at the end of each book Instead I feel like I m just missing 300 pages from what I just read.

  28. Loved it but is missing pages I would have quit reading after the first chapter if I weren t all ready hooked BIG issue for me tho is that the first page of each chapter is missing Not sure how that happens It just has blank space Fix this for 5 stars

  29. Set in the future, the Consortium a small, wealthy group maintain the status quo of extreme income equality A renegade physicist and an art curator may be the only hope for breaking their stranglehold.

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