Dark Sky

Dark Sky For the crew of the Keiko their stay at the Grand House casino on New Samara was supposed to be a well deserved rest It didn t last Captain Ichabod Drift promised that the side trip to the mining pla

For the crew of the Keiko, their stay at the Grand House casino on New Samara was supposed to be a well deserved rest It didn t last.Captain Ichabod Drift promised that the side trip to the mining planet Uragan would be a quick in and out a data retrieval job then back to the tables He was wrong.When the revolution comes, all you can do is choose a side and hope to getFor the crew of the Keiko, their stay at the Grand House casino on New Samara was supposed to be a well deserved rest It didn t last.Captain Ichabod Drift promised that the side trip to the mining planet Uragan would be a quick in and out a data retrieval job then back to the tables He was wrong.When the revolution comes, all you can do is choose a side and hope to get out alive.

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Dark Sky

  1. Mike Brooks was born in Ipswich, Suffolk and moved to Nottingham when he was 18 to go to university He s stayed there ever since, and now lives with his wife, two cats, two snakes and a collection of tropical fish When not working for a homelessness charity he plays guitar and sings in a punk band, watches football soccer , MMA and nature science documentaries, goes walking in the Peak District or other areas of splendid scenery, and DJs wherever anyone will tolerate him.And, y know, writes.

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  1. I liked this one better than its prequel One thing I wish he would get around is the cliche barroom scene If I ran into as much unwanted trouble in bars as the man character, I d have booze delivered.

  2. Dark Run, the first book in Mike Brooks Dark series was a blowout fun read A scamp spaceship captained by Ichabod Drift, a rogue and ex privateer, not afraid to step across the legal line, and crewed by a likable set of characters, including Tamara Rourke, an ex spy, who thwarted a plot to drop a nuke on Amsterdam, and then went after the potential perpetrator by conniving and fooling the military that they were a select crew employed by Rourke s old spy organization, it had all the great elemen [...]

  3. Another unabashed shoot em up, with a fine balance between the banter and the gore Cases in point Poker is a game of tactics and subtlety Drift protested Not the way you play it Her dress of a glistening burgundy fabric wasn t strapless so much as mainly composed of straps Well, Drift said to no one in particular, that wasn t so ba In future, how about we avoid planets made up exclusively of fucking white people Jack had drawled to his captain Shut up and try to look pale had been Moutinho s sol [...]

  4. In the first book, sometimes I found myself doubting that the Firefly references were intentional because they just felt misplaced I am a leaf on the wind during a successful flight why would you do that to me In this book, the references just I don t know it couldn t be heavily inspired by Firefly, when there s a scene in which one character wonders if bi zui shut up is the only Mandarin the captain knows Hmmm sounds so familiar And if this is like Firefly, I think I know exactly what the next [...]

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed Dark Sky, second book in the space opera series aboard the space ship Keiko I like dour, conscienceless Ichabod Drift and his well mixed human crew, just about getting by with very dodgy but correspondingly well paid work Naturally this leads to complications and so far they have made a quite a few enemies around the universe they operate in Expecting these to turn up again in the future to extract revenge All the crew have a complicated back story, some previous secrets revea [...]

  6. This is the second book in the Keiko series This book was written better than the first in the series It is an action packed story with a wide range of characters that continue to develop I found it hard to set this book down If you like action, with a wide range of characters that are the crew of a transport ship that do jobs whether legal or not to get by, then I recommend this book Easy, fast and fun read.

  7. Folliwing where Dark Run ended, the crew of the Keiko take some well deserved rest Not long after that, Drift gets contacted by a mob boss to obtain some valuable information, and to Drift it seems like an easy payload to obtain They set their new course for Uragan a mining colony ,where , to put it lightly, all shit is about to hit the fan.I am realy happy my fianc e decided to introduce me to Mike Brooks, he has written a very nice, fun, easy to read and follow space opera I loved it.

  8. Another solid outing with the crew of the Keiko see s Captain Drift s crew having to choose a side when they find themselves in the midst of a social revolution Plenty of fast action, and a bit complexity in the plot and characters than in the first outing Good stuff for Firefly fans.

  9. It s not often that I read a sequel that s better than the original I really enjoyed Mike Brooks first novel, Dark Run, but this one is is even better Great characters, great, well thought out plot, and just a plain fun read Good job Mike Brooks

  10. Another adventure with the Keiko crew, Brooks writing developing slightly from the first one but still an easy to digest, fun and lightweight read Thoroughly enjoyable

  11. Dark Run is the second book in the Keiko series of science fiction books In this installment, the crew of the Keiko is cashing in on a well deserved rest following the events of the previous book Ichabod Drift has brought his crew on the planet of New Samara into one of the most prestigious casinos in the galaxy, run by Russian mobster Orlov After Orlov hires Ichabod to do a simple job on the mining planet of Uragan part of the Red Star Confederate , the crew finds themselves in an even bigger p [...]

  12. This is Brooks s sequel to Dark Run, about the crew of the spacecraft Keiko who each have a past to run from and have created a family among themselves And are also sometime smugglers.What I really enjoy about Brooks s novels is that they re a return to the classic space adventure We have unique characters, believable space age societies and fast paced plots resulting in me staying up too late at night while I read one chapter.In Dark Sky, the crew are spending up large their ill gotten gains f [...]

  13. A fast moving SF take with a clue of smugglers trying to do something that is only marginal illegal when a revolution comes knocking A multi racial crew with a Fine mix of male and female characters and some nice universe building a series I want to read a lot of

  14. Let s keep this short and sweet Dark Sky is the most enjoyable book I ve read in 2016 Believable and engaging characters, great story, tight writing Brooks writes the way I hope SFF is going.

  15. I haven t really much else to say that I didn t already say about Dark run Maybe a bit darker than than it Hope there is already a next one in works, want

  16. DARK SKYby Mike BrooksKeiko, Book 2DARK SKY is the sopho effort worked up by Brit and author Mike Brooks I read his DARK RUN in January of 2017, and was able to pick up the sequel from my library well, later While I was kinda so so on the initial Keiko book, the I had no trouble cruising right through the follow up But let s set the scene, yeah DARK SKY picks up right where DARK RUN leaves off or less with a dead power player, a bunch of said dead guy s money, and a potentially mutinous crew Wh [...]

  17. Another quick, enjoyable read The crew of the Keiko is still entertaining They re still getting in way over their heads They re eventually going to piss off so many people they can t fly anywhere in the galaxy.This second novel definitely serves to flesh out all the characters in a way the first didn t, really You still have Jenna and Apirana as the core likeable duo You also get to know Jia and Kuai a lot better than in the first book The Captain and Rourke pretty much continue on their normal [...]

  18. In all honesty, really a 3.5 since it s a now a series which I enjoy maybe than any given installment I notice this is common on fans seem to be grading higher each new entry which I doubt is a reflection of true improvement in quality as frequently as it occurs Yes, Jim Butcher improved as a writer, etc This is a second adventure for the Keiko crew, doing a run for a almost legit bigtime mob boss looking for exclusive tips on the mining industry on a Red Star planet It s sort of Venus like, so [...]

  19. The first novel in this series was a lot of fun to read, and waa a good set up for the characters and the universe Brooks has crafted in detail Dark Sky took that set up and ran with it, making the characters deeper and the universe richer I enjoyed it immensely, even than the previous novel In a way, it felt like when you are playing a tabletop game and everything does not go according to plan, and well, it all hits the fan Drift and his crew enjoy a short bit of downtime after the events of t [...]

  20. Great Popcorn flick space adventure book.I read Dark Run only a couple weeks ago and it was fun to read, so I expected something similar, hopefully not worse.So imagine my surprise when after only a couple chapters it was clear this book is a lot better, I think the author managed to create a much dynamic story, I was always looking forward to the next page If you liked the first book there is a very high chance you ll like this one A bit on story, maybe mild spoilers While it starts in a simil [...]

  21. Revisionary Magic Ex Libris 4 Jim C Hines fantasy, adult, books, magic, saving the world, politics, betrayal, militaryIsaac has revealed magic to the world at large and, predictably, things haven t gone quite as he hoped Governments and people are scared and, as we all know, fear begets anger begets hate And hate leads to heinous acts.The military are, of course, looking both at ways to exterminate and to use magical beings.The general populace are alternatively clamoring for magic to solve ever [...]

  22. I enjoyed the first book a lot, which was a bit of a surprise as I had relatively low expectations I didn t really see the firefly comparisons then, but I see it a little now A crew, a family, corporations and governments etc but I think it s a little loose This is less of a caper gone wrong, of a continuation of the theme of a group of characters who always end up in trouble I like the story, no real story arc, just a group of rich characters with different skill sets that blend well together [...]

  23. If you are a fan of Firefly, or play the Traveller RPG then you will definitely enjoy this book However, you need to read the first book in the series.The crew of the Keiko take what they assume is an easy delivery mission Though really they should know better since the person that hired them is essentially the head of the Russian Mob in that sector of space We get to know about some of the other crew members as the Captain is not the central figure in this one It is an enjoyable romp with no r [...]

  24. Pretty good follow up to the first book The gang thinks they re going to make some easy money, end up in the middle of a mining colony revolution.Likes fast paced action, we see a lot of the colony, really good feel for the setup.Cons splitting up the team and concentrating on smaller groups really exposes that some members of the team Jia and Kuai are severely underdeveloped compared to everyone else But still the Keiko continues to be an enjoyable series

  25. Mindless, Firefly lite, summer read Thought the second book would be better, but it s still generic The author s pacing is still good though.I will say, the plot in this one is almost non existent The crew basically gets caught up in something totally unrelated and it takes over the entirety of the book You know it s bad when you kind of skim parts just to see the overall arch of some of the main characters.

  26. I really liked this book I think it s better than the first one, which isn t very common All the Keiko s crew are even fleshed out, we learn about Jenna and Rourke s pasts, get some Kuai perspective and meet a new crew member, Alim This was a fun, tense story that had the crew split and unknowingly working against one another And it was resolved in an interesting and believable way I can t wait to read the next book

  27. I didn t like this as much as the first The first book had the slow reveal of all the characters background This is essentially another adventure story, basically a so so episode of Firefly The characters accidentally end up on opposite sides of a civil war, not because they want to, or because they have any feelings toward one side or the other, but due to simple chance It s well written and fun, but doesn t lead to much.

  28. I ll have to admit that it was difficult to maintain my attention because I m not into Science Fiction but can see how people who do enjoy this genre would be very engaged Everyone in the crew of this ship has a secret but not nearly bigger than that of the Captain Readers follow the crew on a space adventure as Captain Drift tries to maintain his secret.

  29. Certainly better than Dark Run I m actually going to remember the plot line of this one instead of the last one I m relatively glad I decided to stick with this series, despite the first book being mildly disappointing But I m excited for Dark Deeds Bring on the next adventure

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