The Impossible Story of Olive in Love

The Impossible Story of Olive in Love A break out quirky novel that will appeal to readers of Rainbow Rowell I get that I m impossible I get that I m mad and rude perhaps even a drama queen at times But you d be impossible if you lived my

A break out quirky novel that will appeal to readers of Rainbow Rowell.I get that I m impossible.I get that I m mad and rude perhaps even a drama queen at times But you d be impossible if you lived my life You d be impossible if you were invisible Shakespeare was an idiot Love is not blind Love is being seen.Plagued by a gypsy curse that she ll be invisible to alA break out quirky novel that will appeal to readers of Rainbow Rowell.I get that I m impossible.I get that I m mad and rude perhaps even a drama queen at times But you d be impossible if you lived my life You d be impossible if you were invisible Shakespeare was an idiot Love is not blind Love is being seen.Plagued by a gypsy curse that she ll be invisible to all but her true love, seventeen year old Olive is understandably bitter Her mother is dead her father has taken off Her sister, Rose, is insufferably perfect Her one friend, Felix, is blind and thinks she s making it all up for attention.Olive spends her days writing articles for her gossip column and stalking her childhood friend, Jordan, whom she had to abandon when she was ten because Jordan s parents would no longer tolerate an imaginary friend Nobody has seen her until she meets Tom the poster boy for normal and the absolute opposite of Olive.But how do you date a boy who doesn t know you re invisible Worse still, what happens when Mr Right feels wrong Has destiny screwed up In typical Olive fashion, the course is set for destruction And because we re talking Olive here, the ride is funny, passionate and way, way, way, way dramatic.This story is for anyone who s ever felt invisible.This story is for anyone who sees the possible in the impossible.

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The Impossible Story of Olive in Love

  1. Tonya Alexandra Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Impossible Story of Olive in Love book, this is one of the most wanted Tonya Alexandra author readers around the world.

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  1. Review to come.The main character is certainly abrasive, but that s not too surprising given the circumstances It took me a little while to get into the story and get past the abrasiveness, but once I did, this book kept me up until 3 am and gave me a case of the goofy grins.Ultimately an uplifting, hopeful story, but with a decent dose of raw heartache and loneliness to balance it out.

  2. The Impossible Story of Olive in Love by Tonya Alexandra isn t usually the type of book that i would generally read but I was very intrigued by it after looking at the cover.I really enjoyed this book It was unique and quirky and unlike anything i have really read before.The story follows the life of a girl called Olive who we discover is actually invisible I found this to be a little bit strange but i decided to just roll with it Nobody in Olive s family has ever seen her and it is believed to [...]

  3. This book is one of a kind It truly is It is new, impressive and unique There aren t many books out there that have the same kind of impact like this one had on me when I was reading it The book is about a girl, Olive, who was born invisible It s kind of a weird concept to wrap your head around, but give it a few pages No one in her family has ever seen her and to make things worse, her mother was invisible and is no longer around Olive is struggling with her invisibility and can no longer deal [...]

  4. Hi everyone I really hope you enjoy Olive in Love She s a feisty one for sure but I loved writing a flawed character with major issues maybe that s because I m messed up myself Let me know if you ve got any questions I m happy to chat Tonya xxx

  5. This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I was really looking forward to this book and enjoyed it quite a lot Despite this there were some flaws I really liked the idea of Olive being invisible to anyone but her true love however i didn t like Olive she was selfish, self centered and mean At first I forgave her given her condition, however soon after people had repeatedly told her how selfish she was being she continued with her actions I felt really sorry for Olive [...]

  6. I really wanted to like this one, but I just couldn t It s one of the books that I was looking forward to 1.5 Stars maybe.

  7. At first I wasn t sure about Olive She was a bit too smart alecky, the way many YA heroines are but as the penny dropped and I came to understand the significance pf the prologue, her character transformed, for me This isn t a typical angsty YA book The premise is very original and it is page turningly told by its talented author I could barely put the book down A terrific read and maybe we ll see of Olive some day

  8. I received a copy via Netgalley 3.5 starsWeird Witty Wonderful These are just three words I d use to sum up this book.Overall a really unique and interesting book I suggest trying not to overthink the premise because it will take you away from actually enjoying the witty and weird nature of this story With brilliant writing and a sweet romance, it really is a classic YA story.

  9. Definitely a one of a kind YA romance novel Was very intrigued by the premise and would definitely recommend for fans of John Green.

  10. Invisibility It s something every human being on the planet has considered at some point in their life For some, it s the means to the end when we would rather the floor open up and swallow us whole to stop others witnessing our transgressions and embarrassment For others, it s that daily reminder that you have once again been over looked and ignored by your peers and others For me personally, there have been vast periods of my life where I have experienced both sides of the coin, and yet I ve n [...]

  11. The Impossible Story of Olive in Love by Tonya Alexander is an Australian authored YA book that I came across thanks to my role in the Australian Women Writers Challenge blog The premise grabbed me immediately a girl who is invisible to everyone except her true love in a contemporary setting and with a blind best friend who doesn t believe she s invisible.I get that I m impossible.I get that I m mad and rude perhaps even a drama queen at times.But you d be impossible if you lived my life You d b [...]

  12. The Impossible Story of Olive in Love is about the other side of invisibility when it s not a superpower, it s a pain in the ass and a lonely one at that Olive is cursed to be invisible to all but her true love, which means for seventeen years she s been mistaken for a ghost, an imaginary friend, the wind and any number of excuses people make up to explain away the impossible until she meets Tom, who can see her It s a cool premise and the strength of this book is the plot, which explores intere [...]

  13. The novel isn t something I would normally read, it started off a bit rocky for me Once I got the flow of it I started to really enjoy the quirky plot line, to the point were I couldn t put the book down I was thoroughly surprised to see how much I liked it.It took me a while to warm up to Olive, but once I finally did, the and humorous her character became The novel is about Olive, a seventeen year old gossip columnist, who incidentally happens to be invisible She believes it s because of a c [...]

  14. At first I wasn t sure exactly what was going on but i still couldn t put it down, then it all finally made sense I absolutely loved this book, the love, the heartbreak, the small bits of happiness that glimpse through My heart ached for them to figure it out, I wanted to fix it all for them, I want them to be together, Olive deserves that The ending is a hanger, I was shattered when I got to the end Felt like my life wasn t right because I need to know what happens with Tom, how she coped trave [...]

  15. This is hilarious I never though I d enjoy a romance so much I did get annoyed with the lovey dovey occassionally, then Olive would do something mad cap in front of Tom so only he can see.I had a few issues with the whole invisibility thing how can an invisible mother care for an invisible baby and not lose her But whatever.Oh yeah, why didn t Tom dump Olive s abusive ass They have a very problematic relationship.I can see where book 2 is going, but I might not be able to stop myself.

  16. This book was very difficult to rate because it s got a great concept, there were some funny moments and it s easy to read I really wanted to like this book but the main character was just loathsome, she is immature, rude, self absorbed and the intended character development to make her a better person just wasn t compelling The way the main character treats her friend Felix, and how Felix was portrayed as well as referred to by other characters also gave the story a tinge of ableism which did n [...]

  17. This book is really good and I would read it many times although I am one of those people who usually never read a book twice It teaches us that true love might not be true love as it might not work out and that love between a couple isn t important as love between friends and family, we should never forget this.

  18. The premise of this story sounded fun a girl who was invisible to the world except her true love Unfortunately, the author didn t deliver Olive was obnoxious from the start she was rude, immature and selfish, and I hated the way she treated Felix Her references to his blindness had me wincing on than one occasion Definitely not for me.

  19. This was an entertaining light read which I think will be enjoyed by YA fans.I was worried that the story was going down a predictable line but thankfully the ending went in a interesting direction Many questions are left unanswered so I ll be interested to read a follow up to this.

  20. I had some very mixed feelings about The Impossible Story of Olive in Love The premise was intriguing and the implications were well thought out However, there were a few elements that really didn t work for me.Olive is not in any way a likeable character She s caustic, selfish and easily bored She s a drama queen who likes to cause trouble and leaves her loved ones to deal with the fallout This makes sense in the context of the story Being invisible but not silent or intangible , she s used to [...]

  21. I enjoyed this book It was unusual in a good way The story line was good, it didn t get bogged down anywhere And it wasn t your typical romance story Love does not come easy, and this has all the obstacles that one can throw in the path of young love.

  22. The main character was so cringeworthy that I could barely stomach the lovey dovey bits, let alone the parts where she was whining Which was the whole book Hated some of the comments she makes about her blind friend, the resolution wasn t satisfying A lot of loose ends didn t get tied up.I was sucked in by the beautiful cover ironic I know.

  23. I was taken by the title and the premise of a gypsy curse Described as a quirky novel, I thought it d be humorous and easy to read While the language was easy to read, I was unfortunately disappointed with the book In fact, this book got me so angry and as I started reading it on the Friday commute, it also ruined my weekend for me I was that upset I m not going to bang on about how upset I was as it was quite hard for me to actually understand myself why I was so worked up about this book The o [...]

  24. This book made me angry The way the main character Olive talks about her best friend, who is blind, is horrible Olive is also a selfish, despicable person Olive is not the type of character you love to hate either The development of the main character is minimal and it doesn t show that Olive grows as a character at all It is hard to explain why this book made me so angry but it wasn t a good experience Can t recommend this book unfortunately.

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