The Love Machine

The Love Machine A blockbuster tale from the s available again after an absence of years The Love Machine tells the story of TV network titan Robin Stone around whom women flutter like so many moths and his ri

A blockbuster tale from the 1960s available again after an absence of 15 years The Love Machine tells the story of TV network titan Robin Stone, around whom women flutter like so many moths and his rise and fall as he makes the international sex scene, drinks unlimited quantities, and checks out the latest Nielsens Newsweek.

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The Love Machine

  1. Jacqueline Susann was one of the most successful writers in the history of American publishing Her first novel, Valley of the Dolls, published in 1966, is one of the best selling books of all time When The Love Machine was published in 1969, it too became an immediate 1 bestseller and held that position for five months When Once is Not Enough was published in 1973, it also moved to the top of the best seller list and established Jackie as the first novelist in history to have three consecutive 1 books on The New York Times Best Seller list She was a superstar, and became America s first brand name author.

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  1. So I ve been having a pretty spectacular summer full of excellent beach days and trips out of town, but even with all the sweating and skin showing, something does seem a bit off So I sat down and did some thinking as I sipped a very tall glass of black iced tea cut with mint Through the haze and humidity, the thought slowly dawned that the fly in my tanning oil might just be my reading list Naomi Klein Coetzee With these temperatures I settled back in my deck chair, nibbled some homemade ice cr [...]

  2. I m no longer afraid to say it I LOVE JACQUELINE SUSANN The lead male character of this particular novel, Robin, is a big pile of jerk, no question about that The women he wants are untouchable, the women who want him of which there are plenty are superficial He wants money, alcohol, a good steak, and lots of meaningless sex But I love it anyway It s tawdry and obnoxious and smutty and not particularly well written, but Susann always has me thoroughly engaged Somewhere underneath the shallow ext [...]

  3. I was going to give a detailed critique of the gender stereotyping and misogyny in this book but can I be bothered I am sure I will be criticised for reading through the whole 500 pages considering how much I was suffering I guess I held out hope I didn t I am just a masochist Don t make the same mistake.The book needed a good editor to trim out all the irrelevant and depressing side stories notable Ethel and cut it down to maybe 300 pages not over 500 for a start It needs to be less casually ap [...]

  4. JACQUELINE SUSANN MEIL S MA INA i autor a tiesiog simyl jau perskai iusi jos debiutin knyg L li sl nis A j skai iau ir skai iau, galvojau ir galvojau apie j Tada i r jau 1967 met film tuo pa iu pavadinimu i r jau ir i r jau Mat ker jo autor s geb jimas ra yti apie tokius sud tingus dalykus taip lengvai ir mergaiti kai Praktkti kai visas Susann knygas vienija pana ios temos populiarumas, karjera, lov , televizija, visas min t dalyk purvas ir tai apsunkinantys romanti ki jausmai Pati autor dal sav [...]

  5. The only page worth reading in this book is the prologue.I got the impression from some of the reviews here that this book is a classic and celebrated trash I thought it might be a good time for me to ignore my prejudice against the genre and give it a try with me moving back to the sunny and happy Southern California and all I was hoping for good, fun, and entertaining trash This book is not trash It s crap I leave it at that.It is also possible that my sense of fun and humor is hopelessly dama [...]

  6. Just awful Like, five star so terrible it s wonderful awful I read this book once a year and never, ever get sick of it.

  7. Thanks to Grove Atlantic Press, the novels of Jacqueline Susann are back in print 15 years after the mass market Bantam editions went out of print VALLEY OF THE DOLLS is still, after 30 years, one of the all time bestselling novel of all time Those expecting a weak sopho effort in LOVE MACHINE will be glad to hear that her second novel is actually the best written of all her novels This insiders view of the television industry and specifically the rise of womanizing heel, TV anchorman Robin Ston [...]

  8. Well I found it under my little sisters bed WTF I thought, she is supposed to be an intellectual isn t this the same lady who wrote that dolls book I secretly read at 14 My ex bf wasn t back for days, and I was stuck upstate with too much time on my hands and too much family drama to ignore I decided to read itRealised the Robin guy was Well, my boyfriend Couldn t put it down Decided to hate him I don t believe I learned about men because of the love machine This book is AWFUL but if you re ever [...]

  9. I m not embarrassed, and I don t owe an explanation to anyone about this Yes, I read Jacqueline Susann novels And if you don t like that, well, clearly you haven t read one, or maybe you have no taste for kitsch, in which case, why are you looking at my page, anyways Go away, humorless voyeur

  10. Think this suffered the misfortune of resting in the shadow of Valley of The Dolls, so I may have rated it higher had I read it out of that context But definitely a great read Hilarious and jaw dropping at parts.Um, good luck Maggie

  11. I wish had 1 2 ratings since I feel this book is than a 3 but not a 4 My memory of this book being out back when I was a kid was the ankh which it seemed everyone was wearing due to the book It really didn t figure much in the story but I am sure it sold a lot of ankhs.As opposed to Valley of the Dolls this one doesn t have quite the camp factor set in the TV network world, it is a business world setting than in front of the camera story.While it isn t classic literature, she did know how to w [...]

  12. It s dated The females characters are needy, clingy and pathetic, chasing after a vile ass of a man who isn t even likeable, let alone someone to literally worship Is that what real men were imagined to be like in the 60s Ugh.

  13. Weirdly boring Horrible characters my least favorite is Alfie, although he s a minor character he s a bitch And I was disappointed by Sergio, whom I thought was nice until he almost beat up a woman Amanda s story touched me Other than that, it was boring trash.

  14. So, I read this one after loving Valley of the Dolls, like many Unfortunately, it really went nowhere, really slowly I think it s a structural flaw, actually, because like in Dolls, the really important characters are the ladies, but the plot of this one was held together by Robin Stone, who turned out to be rather boring and predictable but ostensibly draws the plot to its close The section on Amanda is GREAT the one on Maggie is pretty good and the one on Judith sucks sucks sucks J turns out t [...]

  15. It took 21 years to read all three of Jacqueline Susann s big novels but I did it I read one a decade Not bad I paced myself Of the three, I enjoyed The Love Machine the least Not to say it still wasn t enjoyable but the protagonist Robin Stone, the titular Love Machine just isn t a likable fella In fact, very few characters in this book are likable Susann s other books had main characters who made mistakes but you could still enjoy, even Neely O Hara But Robin Stone is an unfeeling creep and th [...]

  16. It definitely wasn t as good as Valley of the Dolls Valley of the Dolls but still enjoyable The book started off a little slow for me and I think it had a lot to do with the character of Amanda Amanda is a sad beautiful blonde with a sweet heart in love with a man who will never love her back, but she s a bit of a pushover and in my book a bit of a bore The book really picks up when we meet Maggie Stewart who overcomes her obstacles and hardships just to come out stronger and become a perfect ma [...]

  17. Okay, so I loved THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS It s probably one of my favorite books of all time I love all glamor tragedy aspect of it Very beautiful SO because of that, I didn t expect this book to be remotely as good as VALLEY.It was almost better.Almost because I couldn t look past the glaring misogyny, homophobia, transphobia that overpowered the book IT almost felt like the book was written by a man a sexist ,white republican but it wasn t.However, I loved everything else about it This was a fu [...]

  18. I thought this book was way to long with the same drama that continued to repeat itself over and over Although I like the way Jacqueline Susan sets up the scenes in this novel, they seemed to fade off into nothings leaving me wondering what became of them By Chapter 24, I was ready for Robin Stone to be written out of the book and was surprised and not happily surprised, speechless is the word by the ending I found it hard to get attached to the characters.cially the women who had nothing bette [...]

  19. So I lost myself once again in a Jacqueline Susann pit of indulgence I d suspected that this would be tat compared to Valley of the Dolls, but it was actually excellent Again, I m not even ashamed There is something so authentic about her writing she really knows New York and Hollywood life in the 60s She knows the entertainment industry and the characters within Though this was all shameless drama and thrills, it still felt very believable a wild romp you can buy When she writes, you re right t [...]

  20. Reading a Jacqueline Susann novel is the equivalent of eating a Twinkie and I in no way mean to be critical of the Twinkie her books are not substantial, there is nothing profound, and they certainly are not good for you Nevertheless, reading one once in a very long while will not turn your brain to mush, just like eating a Twinkie once in a very long while won t turn your body to mush Her novels are entertaining, even if they are about the sleaziest bunch of people you d never want to meet The [...]

  21. read it when I was 16 My English teacher asked every student what book we last read He shamed me in front of the class after I proudly stated The Love Machine I was impressed with myself because 1 It was the longest novel I had read thus far 2 It was an adult book with sex and alcoholics throughout He told me that it was trash I went home and re read some of it, especially the sex parts, which helped a modest Catholic girl learn the art of masturbation And then the ending The narcissistic protag [...]

  22. OH, ONE L IL THING SO SPOILER ALERT I ve enjoyed this book as time goes but it s not one I go back to yearly as I do my beloved Valley of the Dolls and Once is Not Enough Fab, to be sure, but not my fave I don t know, maybe because I just couldn t dig Robin Stone that much or I m not sure LOVED Ethel Evans and the whole Alfie crowd and it did have a a minor transsexual character very 60 s European, Dr B in Casablanca, Coccinelle Bambi ish but I well, hell, now I want to read it again right now [...]

  23. This is the second time I read this book The first time was well over 30 years ago I know most people would scoff at reading Jacqueline Susann, but anything that entertains me is good in my book and this book did entertain me I m not much of a high brow reading and I mostly read murder mysteries but once in a while, I need a good trashy Hollywood novel and this book fits that bill.Personally, I think Ms Susann does a great job with character development and plot The ending of this is a bit weak, [...]

  24. It took me a while to get into this book because so few of the characters are likeable, nevertheless I couldn t put it down Although the ride wasn t quite the trashy fun ofValley of the Dolls , it still had plenty of twists and turns and surprises I think fans of the romance genre would like this book, as well as anyone looking for an entertaining though not necessarily light read.

  25. Robin couldn t belive it She was attractive and fresh she would have looked natural as a young junior secretary at the IBC network than strutting on that floor, chatting with the sailors Suddenly she was completely nude She stood there and pivoted with the same cheerful grin The bitch enjoyed her work Then she pulled a chair to the center of the floor and sat on it and spread her legs, grinning merrily all the while She finally left the chair and walked around the club, leaning down to each tab [...]

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